Wednesday, 29 May 2013


I did not want to buy a Gelli Plate At nearly £30 so I have improvised. 
I cut the base out of a silicone baking tray. It is 8x8 inches. 
I bought if from Home Bargains for less than £2.
I brayered on some paint and laid a stencil on top, pressed it and then the door bell went.
It was my daughter with youngest GD. I went back to my desk and lifted off the stencil. I think the paint had dried a bit but I laid my paper on top and pressed it down then lifted it off.
You can just see it in the background. It appears to have worked so I will play tomorrow when I am on my own. I have to play shops now with my GD.
I am sure there will be more tips from other desks around the world so check out The Stamping Ground Blog.

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Francesca said...

Improvising is always good. It has come out well. Happy 4th birthday. Frabncesca #31