Wednesday, 25 July 2012


 Wednesday again, just about as it is almost midnight and I have been busy putting together more Ancestor photos on cards adding names, events, years etc There is so much to sort out so I had to craft on the floor today.
We share our workspaces on a Wednesday so hop over to Julia's for some crafty snooping.
       A sampling of some I completed today. 
in the bottom photo 
that little girl is me age 2 1/2
 The weather has been too good to stay in so I took 3 of my grandies 
to Fairhaven Lake. The Art bubbles are still there.
Youngest grandie Yasmine playing Crazy Golf or should I say cheating.


Karen said...

Oh I love those air bubbles, amazing! Happy WOYWW! Karen T 66 x

Shoshi said...

Lovely photos, Carol! Little Yasmine is adorable! Hole in One lol! I love the idea of an ancestors album.

Thanks for your lovely comment - the mixing can be a bit hit and miss with the inks - one of their nice qualities is that you can't spray exactly and there's always a certain amount of mixing. I'm afraid I'm guilty of splurging (literally!) out on the whole set... They are so lush.

The Black Cat Cougar is a non-cartridge based electronic cutter so needs to be connected to the computer in order to transfer the svg files across - most of us on the forum use Inkscape (but Corel Draw or any other vector drawing program would do) to design our files, or you can use ready-made svgs - and a cutting program such as SignCut, Sure Cuts A Lot or Make The Cut to actually communicate with the cutter. Dawn on Thyme Graphics is the inventor of the machine (the new machine, the Silver Bullet, is now available - Cougar Improved, although I'm delighted with my Cougar as it is!) - I've put details in my blog sidebar. I'm now trying to sell my Cricut! It was great when I first started but now I want to do more advanced things!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #51

Redanne said...

Hi Carol, I am still doing my have some beautiful old photos there, they will make up a wonderful album. Love the picture with the bubbles, they really look as if they are floating on the water - or maybe I just need another eye test - lol. Yasmine looks like a real little sweety. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #21

JoZart Designs said...

Great pics Carol! Yasmine is such a cutie and those bubbles are surreal.
I'd love to know where your family history pics were taken. They are super and you are lucky to have so many.
Lv Jo x

Neesie said...

Now that's a busy desk Carol!!!
I adore old photos and think it's brilliant to make them even more special by showcasing them in some special way.
You've done a brilliant job.
Love the grandies too ~ they look like they're having a great fun time ;D
Apologies for being late. It's now Friday here but better late than never eh?
Neesie #20

Shoshi said...

Thanks for your comment, Carol. If you are interested in the Cougar, this has now been superseded by the Silver Bullet (seriously brilliant cutter!) - see the info about the cutters in my sidebar, and in particular do click on the link to the review by my friend Louise on the Black Cat cutters forum - she's just got the Silver Bullet. It's an important review because it warns the unwary about an unscrupulous person trying to make trouble for the genuine inventor and supplier of these machines.

I've recently done some excellent cutting with mine and completed a project I'm very pleased with, though I say it myself! See my blog for details (80th birthday card - mixed media).

Have a great weekend,
Shoshi #51

Shoshi said...

Thanks for the comment, Carol - glad you like the card.

The Cougar/Silver Bullet are plotter/cutters - the difference between them and a die-cutting machine is that they have a moving blade that "plots" the design onto the medium. A die cutter uses a pre-made metal die which cuts straight down all in one go. While these are excellent in their own way, you need a supply of dies (e.g. nested shapes) and we all know how expensive that can be, to have enough to be useful. A larger investment for an electronic plotting machine liberates you from these constraints and means you can design anything you like at whatever size you want. It's brilliant!

Hope you manage to read the review linked in my sidebar - if you do decide to go ahead with a machine, the Silver Bullet is available at the same price as a Cougar at the moment,which is totally amazing... you do need to get it through Thyme Graphics for decent support. I tell you, the forum is awesome... You can sign up as a guest until you get your machine (which will then open up the whole forum to you) but you can get a feel for it, and if you've got any questions, that's the place to ask them, because the experts on there will help (and very quickly too!) - that's how I started, getting advice before taking the plunge. If you go to the Thyme Graphics home page and click on the forum link it will take you there.