Saturday, 27 October 2007

Ranger U

It's been awhile since my last post as we have been busy with shows. Last weekend I went to Ranger U. This is held at the Ranger factory in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. It was headed by Tim Holtz and Robin Beam.
I left the UK on the 17th of October and met my roomie Wendy Vecchi the next day. Wendy and I had been emailing each other since we knew we had been accepted for the course. Me and Wendy

We exchanged gifts on arriving at our hotel. Wendy had made a box for me which was full of goodies. Lovely.

The course started on the 19th and was attended by a truly international group - US, UK, Sweden, Germany, Canada, Scotland and Ireland.

After our introductions we had a tour of the Ranger factory. It was very interesting and we closely watched the Stickle machine filling and sealing the bottles then each one of us received a sample bottle.
In the classroom we opened our box of products with great excitement.
We received goodies also from other companies and a kewl Ranger apron.

We spent the rest of the day with Tim Holtz walking us through some great techniques which we created for ourselves on tags. Robin Beam had prepared stickers for the reverse of the tags so we wouldn't forget LOL and these were also repeated inside a class folder. A CD completed the theory.

At 5pm we packed up and travelled in car parties to a Chinese restaurant. Very enjoyable as I was able to chat to some of the other ladies and then some of us went shopping at the Mall.

Wendy and I were shattered by the time we got back to the hotel.

Saturday we returned for Day 2.

Tim walked us through yet another barrage of techniques and by 5pm we had 45 tags in total, created over the 2 days.

We went over to Applebee's for a meal. Then it was time to return to the classroom and work on our project. We were each given a mirror and a bag full of chipboard squares and rectangles and we had to create something using the techniques we had learned. We had a couple of hours to do this. I thought about it, looked at my tag book and came up with this.

Wendy and I were shattered again but managed to talk till some unearthly hour.

Sunday was the last day and each of us had to make a presentation and show our project to the class describing which techniques and products we had used.

Each of us received our certificate from Tim.

The class of Ranger U October 2007.

Apron signing by Robin and Tim.

Me Robin and Wendy.

Back to the airport, shared cocktails with Wendy and then home on an overnight flight to Manchester.