Sunday 27 April 2008

Art Specially event 5 - 6 April

My good friend Wezz from Belgium, Michael and Myself.

We had a ball at this event held in Zeist. The organisers had truly put everything in to make it successful. 36 vendors, workshops and demonstrations.

Me demoing Ranger Distress Ink Techniques.

Carla and Myself

Anniemek from OSA

Tricia's Make and Take.

We had an extra day after the show and our hostess Angela Louvres took some of us out for the day. Included in the tour were Rob and Judy from Judikins, Linda from Lost Coast designs, Michael Strong and Tricia from Club Scrap.
We ended up at a farm and Angela's friend Meike was there waiting. It turned out to be a clog manufacturer. We saw the whole thing from sawing a log, shaping the clogs, honing them out and sanding.

Angela bought each of us a pair.

Michaels Happy
Judy's happy

Next off we went to our next surprise, a ride in a horse drawn covered wagon. We drove through the Dutch countryside and ended up by a picturesque bridge over a dyke. Angela had prepared a picnic lunch on the bridge.

Then we travelled back on the horse drawn vehicle to a centre where Mieke had a workshop. We had to decorate our clogs. Everything was provided and it was great fun to see what everyone did.


I didn't finish mine.

Eventually it was time to head back. We had a boat to catch in Rotterdam. There endeth a lovely weekend.

Tuesday 22 April 2008

Bits n Bobs

I have been out and about the last few weeks so I am catching up and posting a few pics.

Here are a couple of ATC's I made for swaps. I made nine of each.

The theme was 'In the style of Klimt'. I like Kimt's use of gold and colour hence the backgound. I used alcohol inks on gold foil paper and ran it through the cuttlebug. The lady stamp was from an image swap so I have no clue who she is but I like her. The B is for Beauty.

No prizes for guessing the theme. I sprayed Rangers colour wash over a plastic lizard. Stamped with a map. I also stamped the word Lizard on sandpaper and added a lizard charm to finish.


I have been Tagged by Miss Robin. I have to write six little known or quirky things about me. Tag 6 others and leave comments on their blog. That's the rules bit.

Do you really want to know this stuff LOL

1) I am petrified of heights and spiders. One scream from me and my DH knows it is a humongous spider.

2) My eyesight is dreadful after having Graves Disease. I have to take my specs off to see what I am doing - arty stuff that is. It is OK friends I have other specs for driving and I can spot a spider at a 100 paces.

3) I spent much of my life altering things then I discovered altered art.

4) I hate Winter coz there is no sun. In the Summer I hide from the sun as I don't like it on my face. Go figure.
No wrinkles though - yet.

5) I used to live in a house now I live in a very large craft room.

6) I am hearing impaired and fluent in sign language.

Now it is your turn Gunvor, Annie P, Crissi, Mandy, Tracey and Carol Q Tag you are it.