Monday 3 December 2007

Family Tradition

A Tribute to my Mum
who died on the 4th November 2007.

2 pages in my sketchbook created with paint dabbers over stamped flourishes to create streaks resembling weathered wood.

Scanned photos have been cleaned up and enhanced with image editing software and printed on glossy photo paper.

Stickers and journalling complete the layout.

Created with blood, sweat and tears.


Carol said...

This is so beautiful. You did a fantastic job. Difficult, but healing also. What a wonderful and loving tribute to your Mom.

Adrienne Wood said...

What a wonderful way of remembering your mum, and honouring other relatives.

It may have been hard to do, but you will be increasingly glad you did this as time goes on. It is also one step further along in the grieving process.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous work Caz! A wonderful memory oiece .

Anonymous said...

Caril, Lovely piece of work, nothing can take away our childhood memories of our loving family. Your mum, my sister-in-law, was one of the best.
Yours as ever, Mary.

Mescrap said...

Sorry to heard about that.

Mescrap said...

I really love how you do with all your Art Journal.
You give me a lots of inspiration here. Some of technique are totally new for me :)