Tuesday 22 April 2008


I have been Tagged by Miss Robin. I have to write six little known or quirky things about me. Tag 6 others and leave comments on their blog. That's the rules bit.

Do you really want to know this stuff LOL

1) I am petrified of heights and spiders. One scream from me and my DH knows it is a humongous spider.

2) My eyesight is dreadful after having Graves Disease. I have to take my specs off to see what I am doing - arty stuff that is. It is OK friends I have other specs for driving and I can spot a spider at a 100 paces.

3) I spent much of my life altering things then I discovered altered art.

4) I hate Winter coz there is no sun. In the Summer I hide from the sun as I don't like it on my face. Go figure.
No wrinkles though - yet.

5) I used to live in a house now I live in a very large craft room.

6) I am hearing impaired and fluent in sign language.

Now it is your turn Gunvor, Annie P, Crissi, Mandy, Tracey and Carol Q Tag you are it.


Crissi Harvey said...

nice to put a face to the name carol thanks for the tag LOL .

Unknown said...

Interesting facts about you, love things like this where you get to learn more about others; I don't mind spiders but freak out if I see maggots