Thursday 25 November 2010

WOYWW and Play Date Cafe Challenge

Hop over and join in the challenge. I am sponsoring this and you can win 2 stamp sheets of your choice from my website.

No WOYWW as I am suffering from sciatica:-((((


Nelly said...

Oh, I hope it goes away soon. I went through the same thing about 2 weeks ago, not fun.

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh ouch, poor a long term dead leg because of the bloomin sciatica - hoep you can keep moving to some extent!

Nicky said...

Hope you are feeling better soon - and not in too much discomfort

oneoff said...

Owww. Sciatica is really miserable (still get it occasionally from a slipped disc many years ago). Hope you can keep moving and that you are getting the physio/pain relief needed.

Bernie #11