Wednesday 4 May 2011

WOYWW May 4th

I was experimenting with a technique for a swap. We had to oil some copy paper. I used an eco friendly baby oil.
I did try this years ago as it looks like faux parchment.
I stamped it first with memento London Fog ink. The idea is to add paint and crumple, oil again and crumple, oil the reverse and crumple. The result is that you send up with very soft paper that feels like fabric. It can be stitched if you so desire. Below are a couple of samples I played about with. So scroll down to the messy desk where I work in about 6 inches of space then hop over to Julia's and snoop over 140 desks if you have time.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Carol, interesting technique, sounds a bit messy but I bet your hands benefited from all that baby oil. I had a fascinated snoop round your desk too. Hope your weekend is going well. Elizabeth x #38

Belinda Basson said...

do you iron it to smooth it out?

Unknown said...

I didn't iron it. When I used some I glued it to card and that flattened it. You can sew it as it becomes incredibly soft.

Morti said...

I'm going to echo Elizabeth - a very interesting technique. Doesn't it leave oil all over whatever you use it on, though?