Sunday 19 February 2012

Stitches February 2012

A Sampling of today at Stitches, Birmingham.

      Colour direct to stamp with the Distress Markers.
 Use as many as you like they will not go muddy and will retain their original colours. The markers have about a 6 year life depending on use.
 Keep on stamping as 3 or 4 stampings can be obtained. 
Huff once to moisten. 

Heat set

 When the stamped image is heat set swipe an inkpad over it and the image resists. Then flick water for some kewl splodges. 

I have this sample

I was on crutches and only stayed about 3 hours but I enjoyed it. I caught up with a few old friends and some new ones too.


Barbara T. said...

As soon as I read Tim's blog, I had to check out yours to see if you had been to Stitches yet.

sam21ski said...

Great selection of photos Carol, thank you so much for sharing them with us.

You did very well to stay 3 hours with crutches, half an hour at physio today was enough for me - lol.

Sam xxx

Anne said...

Just found your stamps via a Creative Stamping article, love the About Britain set! Will you be at Hobbycraft or Make It or do you have stockists there please? Enjoy Stitches :)

Marjie Kemper said...

Looks like you saw a ton! Hope you enjoyed. I never get to use my markers over the weekend but will hop to this week!