Friday 17 August 2012


 Home made string stamps. I covered this topic a few years ago on my blog. I made a couple of new ones. The top right is made on foam core board which is an ideal way to mount stamps. It is available in large sheets from art shops and can easily be cut with a Stanley Knife.
Cover your mount with PVA and glue on your string design.
You need to keep pressing it down till it sticks properly.
 Home made funky foam stamps. These are cheap fun and easy to make and an ideal project for children.
Plan your design and draw with a biro. Press as hard as you can to make the indentations for your design. I made all mine 6 x 4 inches for backgrounds but you can make them any size.
To ink them up lay the foam stamp face up and slide your inkpad across the stamp and then tap more ink to make sure it is covered. Lay your card on top and brayer over it to transfer the ink. peel it off carefully.
You can also die cut the foam and draw some accents on it with your biro.

 This stamp is made by cutting up rubber bands and glueing them to thick or corrugated card or foam core board.
I used a couple of metallic inkpads for the print.
Here is my finished postcard I made for a swap.


Redanne said...

Hi Carol, well, how clever are you! Your stamps look amazing and they stamp beautifully too. Another one for my 'Ideas' Folder. Thanks for sharing. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Shoshi said...

Hi Carol, I could have sworn I'd commented on this! However, I'm quite capable of writing a comment and then forgetting to hit the "publish" button - dratted M.E. brainfog lol!! Anyway, it's such a cool idea, and I love what you've done with it.

Thanks for your comment, and I'm really glad that programme is still available - well done for finding it. Let me know how you get on with your recording. Mine's coming on apace but still loads to do to clear my room of a sea of old cassette tapes lol!!

Have a great week,