Wednesday 10 April 2013


I am back. It is 7 weeks since I had major surgery on my spine. 
I am easing myself back into crafting again.
To snoop more desks please visit The Stamping Ground.


akilli melek said...

I decided to start snooping backwards so you are first on my list. Hope you are taking things easy and feel better soon.
caroline (akillimelek #69)

pearshapedcrafting said...

Glad you are back! Puzzle pieces look as though something wonderful is coming along! Take Care, Chrisx

The Scrapbook Lady UK said...

Glad you are back and hope you are ok jenx 129

aworkofheart said...

Welcome back, and hope you take life as easy as you need to. I am just a newbie to WOYWW and loving this snooping around to see what other people are working on around the world. Your other pics from the show are very interesting. I hope you can get back to some crafting as it is so therapeutic, or at least that is what I find. Hugs, Cathryn #146

scrappymo! said...

Take care Carol. I had a back surgery too...herniated disc and a bone tumour is a lot to recover from isn't it.
I made page kits and card kits before surgery...set up the right side of my counter with UFO's with all the missing bits. I put everything up in new places so I didn't have to bend.

When you are feeling stronger, perhaps someone could do this for you too. Then you could just sit and craft and everything would be out...a bit visually messy but..

It is 6 months for me now...I can bend but with difficulty...still can't do my right shoe up problem with the left.

Are you using walking poles? They send you home with them buy them at the hospital. I find they really help keep you straight when you walk.
Crafty hugs and hope you feel stronger every day.

scrappymo! said...

Thanks for popping back...sending lots of healing thoughts your is a lot to go though but next year we will both be glad we had it done.
I need a laminectomy on L5 S1 but they want me to wait a year after the first surgery before i go back to the neurosurgeon again for a consult. It was supposed to be done in the first surgery but they ran out of time getting the bone tumour out...I'll be glad to get it done as then i can get off the poles...mine look like ski poles...they are very tall with rubber tips!

Take care Carol...hope to see your lovely pages again.