Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Bits and pieces made in the last 2 years mostly at Stamp Club.

Peek a Boo card.
Canvas made with my deer stencil. I used lots of Texture Paste and glitter. I made it at home to display at Port Sunlight last October.
Cards made at Stamp Club.
My first attempt at Water Colour painting. I went to a class while we were on a cruise in December. It is a copy of a Cezanne. We had to choose something from the teachers photos. The ones she had were very small and I had to sketch it on an A5 piece of water colour paper. With a limited choice of colours and only 2 paint brushes I managed to produce this.
Another card made at stamp club. My photos have gone out of sequence.
Canvas made at Stamp Club. It's a bit pink. Can you tell I like Pink.

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