Thursday 17 March 2011

WOYWW March 16th

Last week I was in Shakespeare
country and was inspired to
finish my Origami Accordion Book

The 10 tags which slot into the pockets.

I have used Shakespeare's Heroine stamps from The Stampsmith
Note I have not photographed the mess I made whilst creating the book.
Pop over to Julia's to see more work desks.

Instructions for Accordion Book

5 - 8 x 8inch scrapbook papers.
10 tags 5 1/4 x 2 3/4 inches
2 pieces of mount board for covers
Paper to cover mountboard

Lay a sheet of scrapbook paper on work surface in a diamond shape.
Fold in half vertically from corner to corner.
Find the centre on the folded line and mark with a pencil.
Fold left and right corners to the centre mark.
All folds should be parallel

Fold right hand and left hand corners to the pencil mark. Open.
Fold top and bottom corners to the pencil mark. Leave folded.
Your page should look like the illustration below.

Fold the remaining 4 papers in the same manner.
To assemble the book lay the papers on your work surface.
Starting with the last page no 5 glue the left hand triangle only to the right hand triangle of page no 4.
Repeat this process of gluing only the triangles with all the remaining pages.
On page no 1 and page no 5 fold back the triangles and glue in place.
Cut your mountboard to the size of the rectangle shapes and pages 1 and 5.
Cover the mountboard with your chosen paper.
Glue the mountboard pieces to your assembled pages.
Finally decorate your tags and slip into the pockets of the pages.
Check out my completed book photos.


Elizabeth said...

Hello Carol - love your origami and the stamps you've used on the tags are brilliant. Look forward to seeing the instructions. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #74

Neet said...

Thanks for that Caz - great tag book! Give me a shout when you post the instructions so I can let peeps know.

Di said...

Super project Carol! Cleverly done. Di x

Victoria said...

thank you for sharing on WOYWW sorry I am late getting around this week x
stunning acordian book

Twiglet said...

Hi Caz
I am trying to contact Jozart re her bear request. Do you have a mobile no. for her? My email address is

Angela said...

Hi, Carol!
Wonderful origami book!

Happy Friday!

Angi (#84)

shazsilverwolf said...

This is a fabulous piece! I do love Stampsmith stamps. Shaz #148

Vicki B in OP NY said...

Stunning tag book and blog!
Can't wait to see the instructions.
Vicki #171

okienurse said...

Very nice origami book and tags. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #52

Twiglet said...

Hi Caz - Jo has emailed me so no probs! x Jo

The Crafty Elf said...

Wow! Very creative. TFS

Julia Dunnit said...

Love your Stratford photos - have had a couple of really fab weeekends there myself. The folder is amazing, did you buy all the character stamps especially for the tags? It's a work of art. I'd have LOVED to have a photo of the desk too!

Autumn Labbe-Renault said...

I love how you were inspired by a place. Lovely project and thanks for the instructions!