Friday 27 May 2011

The Kings Speech

I went to Burnley to see The Queens Mill. This is featured in the award winning film The Kings Speech.
It is well worth a visit as there is a lot to see especially the Engine Room.
The mill had 1000 working looms in it's hey day. Now there are just 300.
It was very noisy and the weavers soon lear
ned to Me-Maw which consisted of lip reading and hand signs. My grandmother worked in a Mill and she used to tell me stories about life in the mill. I have some fabric that she wove in her younger days. Sadly she died in 1996 aged 96.
Below I am sat at a hand loom. In the 19th century many people had these in their cottages.

The exhaust fell off my car as I drove into Burnley. Expensive day out.

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sam21ski said...

Ooops re the exhaust!!

Looks like you had fun at the mill.

Sam xxx